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Our barkada’s first bonding activity for 2011 was watching Rosario.

Most of the viewers we saw were older (40s above).

Regarding its craftsmanship, I’ve never seen a filipino movie this perfect pertaining to the setting of the story. It’s amazing that there are places like that in the Philippines, specially the Mansion where Rosario’s family lives, the old neighborhood. The costumes, I just love them. Actually while watching it, we whispered to each other, we could’ve become one of the extras so that we can wear those costumes aside from the fact that some of them don’t have camera friendly faces (joke). As I watched it, it felt like travelling way back, and i thought “so this is how people and places were”.

Based on the trailers I saw on TV, I was expecting daring and sexy scenes on the story. Maybe I was imagining too much, with the rating of PG-13.

The movie is filled with social and moral values, regardless of time, the lessons instill in the movie is still applicable to this present age. In addition to that, it was based on a true story of Manny Pangilinan.


Paradise Kiss

I have always been a fan of japanese anime/manga and sentai since I was a kid. I remember my parents allowing me to watch Voltes V as a reward whenever I get to accomplish something.

My interest in anime/manga carried on ’til now that I’m 25. Hidalgo, Quiapo is a haven! A lot of anime DVDs (sorry for patronizing pirated stuffs ^_^V  ) being sold for only P50 (pag maraming bibilhin may discount pa♥). Few years ago, a guy friend suggested that I should watch this certain anime because of its craftsmanship and also the story.

Paradise Kiss (Paradaisu Kisu) — It’s a shoujo manga. Young girls (even the young at hearts) will surely love this because it has drama, comedy, romance, and fashion, fashion fashion! For a guy friend suggesting this to me, I’m quite sure some guys will like this too.

Paradise Kiss is about Yukari, a high school girl who’s life is just boring. It’s her mom’s dream that she goes to college in a very good university, even if she isn’t brainy at all. She’s pretty but has an unattractive personality. One day, she was kidnapped by Isabelle, one of the members of the Paradise Kiss, who’s members are all fashion major. Other members are George, Miwako, and Arashi. The ParaKiss gave Yukari or Caroline (as Miwako calls her) a huge make over, and she models their creations.

Caroline’s life changed as she explored a different world that used to be so routinary. George, a handsome,extremely appealing and has an extraordinary gift for fashion designing became her love interest.

Now, Paradise Kiss has live action version and is showing next year in Japan =). I hope a film fest (cinemanila, cinemalaya etc..) would let us filipinos see this like what they did with Evangelion Rebuild: You are [Not] Alone that was shown at Cinemanila on Nov. 2008.

The anime also featured groovy soundtracks,  the most popular was Lonely in Gorgeous by TommyFebruary6 and Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand.

I hope this will make a good film.

Karate Kid 2010. Hiyaaaaah!

I can’t wait to see this one. I’ve been a huge of fan of this 80’s huge film hit which starred Ralph Macchio (Daniel Larusso), Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi), Elisabeth Shue (Ali/Ali with an I =p). I remember this movie showcased 3 parts, all of them, I conquered. During that time with the use of a VHS Player. =p.

It all started with a new boy in town (Daniel) bullied by a gang of boys who train in a local karate studio. Why is he bullied? Because Daniel likes Ali (the popular girl in school who happens to be one of the bullies’ gurlfrend). Along came Mr. Miyagi, trained Daniel to win over his fight with these jerks by joining the karate tournament. Of course he won, and he got Alice. =p

Well, this year, we’ll be witnessing a remake of the film and I’m really excited. The film stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith! Jackie Chan is an icon (bow)! And Jaden?Well, he’s the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett! *clap*clap*clap* . He was the kid in The Pursuit of Happyness. The film remake has a different twist not to mention better fighting scenes and techniques!

I can’t wait for this one to hit the big screen!