This is giving me a headache. Few days before 2010 ended, a dear friend called me and is asking for my resume since there will be a vacancy in their company. She said that she talked to her boss already and somehow positive that I can make it. Her boss is an alumni where I took college. BTW, my friend is working in a known brewery company.

Upon listening to her while we’re talking on the phone, my mind went blank. I don’t know whether I’m in or out with her news for some reasons. One: I thought it was wrong timing. I don’t want to surprise my boss with my “good news” on new year.“Sir, Happy 2011, Im resigning. Goodbye.” . Not sure if he’s going to allow now that there’s an ongoing project. Two: Accessibility. I’m from the North and its kind of near South(?) whatever. Three: Salary. Entry level rate, plus other allowances plus I can reimburse my transportation allowance. Even taxi fares. Four: On the second working day of the year, my friend’s leaving for South, work related. (that reason was unacceptable). Fifth: Quitting on my present job isn’t really easy. Specially my boss is really kind and understanding despite of the fact that I don’t get to receive benefits here. Six: Tardiness has become my addiction. New job means I have to be punctual, as in I need to be in the office on or before 8am, from Monday to Saturday, depending on my work needs.

My friends and family except for my sister likes me to have a new job. My sisters says that,  with other companies, I would have to work really hard for  every single penny the company will pay me. Unlike with my present job, I can go to the office late, no hassles, no questions asked, no salary deduction, no memos. In addition to that, unlimited internet browsing and downloading — facebook, twitter, myspace, friendster, limewire, torrent, etcetera etcetera.

Well, I can’t do anything about it now, yesterday was my deadline on passing my resume, I’m still here in my senseless job, rotting. FTW.

I’m such a freak. Ain’t I?