Our barkada’s first bonding activity for 2011 was watching Rosario.

Most of the viewers we saw were older (40s above).

Regarding its craftsmanship, I’ve never seen a filipino movie this perfect pertaining to the setting of the story. It’s amazing that there are places like that in the Philippines, specially the Mansion where Rosario’s family lives, the old neighborhood. The costumes, I just love them. Actually while watching it, we whispered to each other, we could’ve become one of the extras so that we can wear those costumes aside from the fact that some of them don’t have camera friendly faces (joke). As I watched it, it felt like travelling way back, and i thought “so this is how people and places were”.

Based on the trailers I saw on TV, I was expecting daring and sexy scenes on the story. Maybe I was imagining too much, with the rating of PG-13.

The movie is filled with social and moral values, regardless of time, the lessons instill in the movie is still applicable to this present age. In addition to that, it was based on a true story of Manny Pangilinan.