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cool or warm

In order for you to know what make up color will look good on you is basically find out  if you have cool or warm skin tone. Try to look on the underside of your arm. If your veins appear bluish, it means you’re cool toned and if greenish you’re warm toned.

Wearing the right make up color will compliment your features. Your skin will look glowing and your eyes brighter. But with the wrong colors, you will only look wasted.

This table might help.



i wanna make up♥

I’ve come to notice whenever I’m done with my online activities such as reading my mails and other facebook stuff, I find myself watching Michelle Phan or Bubz Beauty on youtube.

In short, these girls are the gurus when it comes to make up. Both became popular for their great tutorials. There are alot of make up tutorials on youtube, but for me their videos are the best when it comes to details and audio quality.

When I was younger, I really don’t like make up at all. But when I started working it became a requirement. Also, I’m starting to develop an interest for photography, and in that sense, make up should be photogenic. Upon looking at our prom photos wayback, it was a disaster. Our make ups are awful. =)

Michelle Phan’s Youtube channel offers a lot of make styles, perfect for different occasions even for haute coutures. With Bubz beauty, her make up tips are easier and quicker.

Michelle is now with Lancome because of her youtube success.

Watching their videos inspired me to have my ‘kikay kit’.

Putting on make up is not just as simple as it looks. It’s an art. Knowing the perfect color for our skin is a must.

Gaganda din ako!

wala naman

I haven’t been updating. As of the moment, my headaches, im so freakin’ sleepy, and super dooper hungry.

My recent sentiment is no more Limewire. Sorry, but yes I’m guilty of using the illegal software which promotes piracy.

The lotto jackpot price now is half a billion pesos!