And so I went to the doctor this morning. No more doubts. I know the results.

Yes, I have something in my lungs. Infection, category 3 as the doctor classified it and allergic rhinitis. It is just today that I came to appreciate an X-ray film. I saw some dots on my left lung. My right chest is clear. She says my condition is curable and is very minimal. As the doctor discusses my medical condition, I didn’t feel bothered at all. I’m cool about it. I’ll be under medication for two months and be downing 3 capsules a day all at the same time.

Honestly, sometime last year, the day that I realized that I’m no longer happy with my job, I somehow wished for it. (freak huh). So that I could use it as an escape to quit. (be careful what you wish for coz you just might get it). I’m not worried. After finding out my medical status, I will no longer expect a call from the company I’m applying in. Its ok.  At least I was able to know what’s really happening inside my body.

I know there is something wrong, coz every morning, there’s  phlegm in my throat, I always have cough and colds that lasts really long, when I’m exposed to dust, I sneeze and my nose itch. I’ve planed to consult a doctor since last year but wasn’t able.

From now on, I need to avoid any chemical that has a strong smell, be it perfume, detergent, fabric conditioner insecticide etc., smoke, pets (fur), and any alcoholic beverage. I almost made a face when the doctor told me that. Anyway, its only for two months. I will be going back before I reach the second month of medication be x-rayed again, to compare with the previous one.

Maybe, the only thing I am regretful about is that I should’ve gone earlier so I could just proceed to my new job. Health is really wealth.