After several days of cramming at facebook, at last! We met finally. After 12 years!  Me and some elementary classmates gathered for a night of bonding and reminiscing!

A classmate came from the US for a vacation. So he thought that maybe we should meet and have a mini reunion. Everything just happened on facebook, by uploading old photos, making notes and tagging everyone what the fuss’ all about, and sending PMs. He appointed me as the organizer, (gosh!) I’m not good with organizations! Good thing another classmate is very much in with the ‘reunion thang’ so he was the one who made canvassing, which is really awesome! He did all the works and just ask my opinion with his results.  For me, I would want to hear everyones opinion, diplomacy. Plus, I don’t want to decide on my own ‘cos for me, I want everyone to enjoy, and atleast they, themselves know their financial capacity, not all of us have high paying jobs, some of us are even jobless. So I’m asking for their opinion. I don’t know how we ended up in Gerry’s Grill Trinoma. hehe. All I know is that I’m no longer the organizer, i like!♥

6pm is the meeting time (oops, filipino time applied) at Gerry’s Grill Trinoma and headed to Padis Sky Garden after our dinner There were 20 of us. I wasn’t expecting we could be as many. Its really great! We were there, met familiar faces that used to be a part of our everyday lives. The ones, who used to check my exams, quizzes, competents, the bullies, the noisies, the officers, the cleaners, the gamblers, the quiet ones and friends. As I see their faces, it made me nostalgic, not just me, but all of us surely. With all the drastic changes these people have undergone, I still see them the way they used to be and the way we were when we’re younger. We spent the night remembering the things we did in the past. The mishaps, the misadventures, trends, silly names we call each other, everything. We were laughing as loud as we could as we look back. And as we reminisce, we also made some catch ups of what has happened to each of us after we graduated, leaving us a big big smile on our faces.