I just don’t feel good at this moment. I don’t know if this is physiological or just a psychological effect on what is happening around me.  I took a test if I’m depressed or not.  The result is, I am.

Lovelife. Don’t have any. It doesn’t matter to me at all.

Family. A family member died, my cousin ’cause of cancer. I feel sad and even if we’re not that close, it felt like there is really something missing. I felt regretful of not talking to her with the last days of her life. All of us in the family are very positive that she’ll make it. I  always thought that, ‘I know she’ll make it. I’ll talk to her some other time’. Now, there will be no other time.

Health. Not good. I was applying for job and luckily passed the interview. So the next step would be for medical examination. The thing is, I had to undergo the  x-ray again because something suspicious was found on my X-ray result. I’m still hoping I can make it.

Career. I’m not happy. I wanna quit. Delayed salary. No benefits. I have a pending application. <oh please> It’s  been 2 weeks since the last time they called (completion of medical exam). I tried to call the recruitment department the response: “Kindly just wait for another call” . (please hire me)

Friends. It feels good to be with friends. I’ve been seeing my college and high school friends  more often these past few weeks. Every meet ups, there will never be a dull moment with them. Thanks to facebook and I’m able to find  some long lost friends and connect with them again. Tomorrow, I’ll meet my grade school batchmates. I hope to see all of them. The first time in 13 years! Some of them refuse to come, they’re shy. A classmate told me cos of financial problems and shy cos of what they have become after all these years.  Worried how will their formers colleagues would judge then. The thing is, it’s a reunion. It’s generic that people would always think that reunion is an appraisal of how much what you’ve become. tsk tsk!

I don’t have any serious problems at all, as I see it. But I don’t know why do i feel like this. I feel like I wanna throw up. My head aches. I’m having palpitations. Damn! What’s wrong with me..