I have been busy with my job hunting. Finally, a banking institution called me, and I passed the interview. I’m done with my medical, I was x-rayed twice. They asked me to have an Apicolordotic somewhat.  I asked the person in charge why do I have to undergo x-ray again. He said they saw something suspicious.  😦 I hope the results would be clear so that I could move on with my life and leave my present job!

Last week, I had a busy weekend with my friends. Friday, a friend’s birthday,went to Greenhills, had a dinner at Pasto! I love the food. I ordered Shrimp Alfredo (as far as i remember). It was good.  I can taste the garlic flavor on the sauce. (I’m loving garlic for these past few days already.)

We watched “here comes the bride”.. For me, the movie is really entertaining. No dull moments. There are no laugh-till-you-cried scenes but the movie will keep you up from the start to the end.

We had coffee after the movie where we chatted and camwhored.

Sleep over at friend’s house.

Saturday..At friend’s house.. later in the afternoon, we went to Greenbelt to see Midnight on Elm Street.  Some scenes made me scream loudly but it wasn’t scary at all. Just wait for the DVD.

..went back to our friend’s house..by 9 pm, went to Tagaytay, unplanned and met NFF. We had coffee. End of the day.

Sunday.. still @ Andy’s with Kristel. We’re too tired and too lazy but I needed to go home to do the laundry.