I spent easter Sunday with my aunts at EK! It’s a different adventure because aside from the fun rides, a new attraction has been opened not just for fun and excitement but its educational too. Zoori’s Adventure! A mini safari escapade inside EK. It features Zoori, a rare white lion! Cuddly and lovable and really friendly! i love her♥

Another exciting activity is bungee jumping. (wasn’t able to take picture of it =p).  You have to jump on big trampoline with harness support. No need to worry for your safety.

Last but not the least, for those who are looking for some nerve racking experience, the new space shuttle will give you that! We never tried that one though.. too scared..

Our favorite are still the water rides, Rio Grande and Log Jam! Wet n’ wild!

There’s more to look for at EK this Summer! Promise!