I’ve known several cases of data errors in birth certificate, most of these cases have something to do with the correct name spelling.

This is something important to whoever person authorized to fill out the certificate. These errors are something we’ll have to deal for lifetime. That will be our permanent record until death.

It’s quite expensive to fix even a single character written on it, like a thousand pesos(my mother inquired several years ago)and time consuming too. Imagine the volume of people going to NSO and City Halls everyday that you have to deal with.

Common cases are interchanging of /e/ to /i/ or /u/ to /o/ vice versa. ex: Aldrin to Aldren,  with my father’s middlename: Beñas to Biñas.

Accent problems maybe?

What if the person plans to go abroad? What if at death, upon claiming the benefits from the insurance? What about retirement and other claims? Like for instance, my father just discovered problem on his birth document just recently.( He’s already preparing for his retirement). He’s from the province, maybe the older folks didn’t know that changing characters on the names must be done in process. They just corrected the letter by tampering a letter using a pen maybe. So my father didn’t knew about these stuff and used the name what his guardians taught him.

Papa asked his sister to help him fix the problem. He’s working in Manila, and his records are archived in Abra. I dunno what happened in the process but its all done already. It took time  and of course he had to pay for some fees.

That’s why a lot are engaging to Recto to lessen the expenses and just for span of 15 minutes, your new birth certificate is ready.

So anong point ko? hehe.. nalito na ko.. Yun na..