I have been having a dilemma of enrolling or not to a dance school.

I got interested in dancing these past few months. It all started for my love of Jabbawockeez and Philippine Allstars♥.

I used to dance during grade school and I thought I was good.  I find it easy memorizing steps till the first quarter of high school. But that interest slowly vanished, maybe one of the factors is that my friends aren’t that interested in dancing. I still thought I can dance,.. til I attended an open class. I went there alone, nervous and excited.

The dance taught was, I guess is called tap rock?(I’m not sure) and the song is chichimon by TOK.  It was fun, but gosh! I looked stupid! All I did was just jog in place. (What happened to my talent during grade school!?haay). I managed to learn the steps… after 5  days,! 5 long days for a dance routine that don’t even last for 2 minutes!

My dormant talent for dancing ( i remember my science lesson on volcanoes dormant means  had several activities/eruption but are now quiet but still it is possible for an eruption) motivated me to summon that  sleeping lava (my dancing talent =p) inside me.

The best way I could think of is to enroll to a dance school.  The thing is, I find it expensive. Actually, it’s not that expensive..but reasonable. I need to pay P1500 for membership and P300 for annual renewal. Not bad.  I don’t know. I can’t think of reasons why am I not still signed up till now.

Yaan ko na nga lang… =p