Was walking at MegaB yesterday (Feb.9), I was on my way home when someone appeared in front of me. like booom! “hi, im choova, (whatever his name is)you look like a schoolgirl”(nice one!).. and then i saw his ID it says he’s from UNICEF. I already know what they need. They’re looking for visa card holders who are generous enough to donate certain amount percentage blah blah (forgot the details). I already know this, because someone has already went to our office from the same organization and discussed on that matter. The transaction will be auto-debited to your account..monthly. (She also told me I look like a fresh grad *nice!nice!*)Unfortunately, i’m not a card holder.

Anyway, back to megamall, before he could start I told him “wala po akong visa card” . He looked surprised because I decoded his thoughts!

Unicef boy: “oh?!..okay,uhmm..does the movie valentines day ring a bell?”, me:”‘yes?” boy: “you know, maybe you and me on the 14th, should see it and have dinner after?” (laughs) . I thought, (weh! tablado ka lang kuya, alam ko na yan) .. of course, we both know he’s joking. Besides, kuya isn’t gwapo, infact, he looks gay.

**It’s admirable they’re doing a good deed, not just for everyone but for the whole world, imagine it is for UNICEF. It ain’t easy doing it, talking to whoever who’ll come and pass by their booth and trying to convince as much as they can to give a heart. If  I’m a visa card holder, why not? It is a noble thing to help and do what you can for others.

But I’m a poor citizen of the Philippines, not qualified for a credit card holder.   :p.